School Uniform Competition

Wojtek Bartczak of Szczecin found himself among the finalists of the all-Polish competition for the design of a school uniform for secondary schools. He prepared a dress for girls – elegant, black, well-creased trousers with turn-ups, white shirt and sweater. The girls will be pleased to wear this to school.

Wojtek is 18 years old and is a student of XI Grammar Secondary School in Szczecin. He is a ward of the Children’s Home in Tanowo. He has been passionately fond of fashion designing for many years. Fashion for men gives fewer possibilities – the young designer says – In case of women there is more opportunity.

The competition for the design of the uniform was part of the IV International Post-Gymnasium School Students Clothing Design Festival in Sieradz. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The best 18 from 109 entrees were selected, including Wojtek’s design. The designs will be made available to the school uniform manufacturers and if accepted they could offer a contract to the designers.

Wojtek says that it was very nice to prepare the school uniform design. He made 9 designs during one night.

When his design was successful, the girls at the Children’s Home helped to produce the dress.
Rotary Club Szczecin Pomerania was pleased to be one of several sponsors for Wojtek’s project.

Robert Pieruta