Community Service

From the very beginning, even before Charter Day all members started to work in most important matter of Rotary, which is charity.

  • Ronald Stone, Jurgen Preiss started to collect money in special Charity Boxes placed on board the Baltic ferry mf Polonia and in Hotel Radisson SAS. All money was transferred direct to the Children’s Homes.
  • Jonas Mellquist arranged 1,5 tons of various goods from Sweden as a support of the Special Home for Mentally Handicapped Children in Tanowo.
  • In the autumn of 2001, Andrzej Puchalski, Ewa Kwiatkowska and Maciej Ziętek initiated the first campaign to vaccinate children from Childrens Homes around Szczecin against Influenza.
  • In the first year over 200 children were vaccinated, in 2005 the figure had reached over 400 children from 6 homes.
  • In years 2001, 2002 and 2003 Zbigniew Jankowski helped with shipment of containers from RC Towanda (USA) to Children Home in Stargard.
  • Karl Erik Nielsen arranged for us “Shooting Event” and raised funds to support the Childrens Homes.
  • Roman Kubik – delivered few times frozen fish to the Children Homes as well.
  • Alex Nilsen and Jurgen Preiss – arranged Picnik in Bartoszewo.
  • Tommy Hellstroem – arranged furniture for Children Home.
  • Ewa Kwiatkowska has been making seminars about effective job seeking. The seminars were made for the oldest levels of young people from Children Homes.
  • Sławek Piński arranged Golf tournaments. Together with the money collected from the lottery on the day, the event has raised significant funds for our charity work.
  • Ronald Stone and Krzysztof Rodzoch arranged several sailings on the Ferry Polonia and funds collected were used to support needy children. They also provided other goods for the children.