Planet Head Day

Planet Head Day is an initiative, which was created as part of the NASA mission New Horizons, a spacecraft mission to Pluto. The University of Maine at Presque Isle participated in the mission and has organized the annual Planet Head Day since 2007. The event promotes science and solidarity with cancer patients. The participants, the so called Planet Heads, collect donations, shave their heads and paint them in the colours of a selected planet. The first Planet Head in Poland will be City President, Piotr Krzystek. Many persons from the world of education, sports, administration and business have declared to join. Those who cannot afford to shave their heads, are invited to put on a bold cap and get painted as a planet, for example by their children.

This very fundraising event will be held in Poland for the first time on 10th March. Any donation is very welcome. Information, how to pay donations for the Planet Heads and how full transparency over the gained funds is secured, will be available on the event. All donations collected by the participants will be used for the renovation of the local clinic for children suffering from cancer.

Please like our fanpage, on which you find more information about the event and what has happened so far:

Planet Head Day offers a lot of fun, playful learning for children, interesting lectures for adults and advice by specialists on the topic of cancer for the whole family. We will be happy to meet you on our Rotary Information Table.

Parking slots are available at the Employment Office on the opposite site of the street (Please see the map). Entrance is for free.