LLLL – common project with RC Neubrandenburg

Together with Rotary friends from RC Neubrandenburg we gave the books to the children they learn german language. The books are especially prepared by german scientists for better understanding and optimizing for each age.

Rotary Club Neubrandenburg realizes every year the  project "LLLL" (Lesen Lernen - 
Leben Lernen = Learning to read - learn to live). With the special books the children 
from the poor families are supported.

Rotary Club Szczecin Multinational in cooperation with Rotary Club Neubrandenburg 
gives children from the S.T.O. School the books in order to optimize/increase 
the language teaching.

The German language books have been presented and officially given to polish 
children from S.T.O. School on the 05.03.2011.This was the very successful event. 

In discussions we developed several ideas like:
- Mrs Poschmann from RC NB want to come to the school to read the book together
with children.

- Mr von Schoening want to give away to the school library a lot of German books.

- Mr Pankratz will build the relationship to German school to start the common
competition in mathematics.

- RCSM is planning for the October 2011 the meeting with RC NB and teacher from
supported schools to receive the feedback about the experiment with the books.