Interact Club activity – collecting food for Alzheimers Society

We are very proud of our Interact Club! For the past month they have been collecting food at their school for Alzheimers patients. The event was publicised via Facebook. The class that collected the most food by 24.01.2014 won a prize- PIZZA for the class. Due to Facebook children from other schools also started collecting.


On 25.01.2014 a delegation of members from Interact and our Rotary Club went to the Alzheimers Society to deliver the food. We also stayed and sang Christmas Carols with the patients. The patients loved this as most of them could remember all the words. Alex Majewski the President of Interact hopes that this event can become a regular New Year Interact event in the coming years. We on the other hand are also very pleased with the outcome as the children from the school became aware of what Rotary really is and the harm that Alzheimers can do. Many thanks to Krzysiu Jurski who posted a presentation on Alzheimers on the Interact page (which he prepared himself) so everyone could watch and learn. Well done Interact!!

Interact-Club-activity-collecting-food-for-Alzheimers-Society_3 Interact-Club-activity-collecting-food-for-Alzheimers-Society_2

Many thanks also to our friends from Rotary Club Szczecin Center for their support and help.