Christmas Bazaar 2011

Dear Rotary friends!
I am very pleased to inform you that on the today’s Bazaar we have collected   7,099.61 PLN !!!
I would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful contribution to today’s bazaar!
I thank all members. You supported our action very actively and hard. Everybody has prepared something and has helped, even if not everybody could accompany all the time the event.
This was very remarkably how many friends you have activated! In the name of the club and in the name of the children for whom we have collected the money I would like to thank all friends of you for the auxiliary readiness and support – I ask you for the forwarding of our thank-you to your friends.
I’m sure that each of us has seen something what one can make better. I would be very grateful for your improvement suggestions – let us reach even more the next year!
Your President
Edward Orlowski