Annual Charity Concert TALENTS OF SZCZECIN general info

Charity concert TALENTS OF SZCZECIN is one of the main club events to collect funds for  charity purposes. It is organised in November.

Except for raising charity funds to serve local community, the concert is also to promote young, talented local artists and give them a chance to perform in a large concert hall. The performers are carefully chosen from various Szczecin schools, they are the most talented local musicians.
In 2008 the event was considerably broadend by adding vocational opportunities for the talented youth. RC Szczecin Pomerania organised a 7-days intense music sessions led by the renown conductor, Mirosław Jacek Błaszczyk. Also the famous opera singer (former star of the Opera in Szczecin), Romana Jakubowska-Handke agreed to sing with the youth symphonic orchestra, which was an additional attraction of the concert.
In 2008 we succeeded to collect ca. 50 000 PLN during the concert which was destined for a purchase of specialist medical equipment for the Children’s Hospital in Szczecin.
In 2009 we collected over 60 000 PLN and for this amount a rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment for handicapped foster children from the Childrens’ Home in Stargard Szczeciński was purchased.

The equipment purchased by our club has improved life for many of the handicapped children living at the Childrens? Home No 2 in Stargard Szczecinski. Here are some heartwarming and touching examples:

Alan, age 4 and Tobiasz, age 8, can finally see the world from a different perspective.   Thanks to the orthopedic, electrically steered chairs,  they do not have to spend their lives in horizontal position as previously only and their bones & organs will not be so vulnerable to deformations any more.
For Michał, age 10, his muscle contractures have receded thanks to water massage in the specialist bathtub and training on the specialist bicycle. It has given him a chance to fight for next stage of abilities, which come naturally to other children. He is now learning to walk on the rehabilitation  walking track. Please try to imagine his joy.
Angelika, age 8, likes to spend time in the new sensory stimulation room. She has finally calmed down and started to concentrate her attention on specifics.
Hubert, age 6, is now improving his walking abilities on the rehabilitation walking track.
Mariusz, age 8,  loves the ?mirror cabin?. This is where we noticed him smile for the first time.
Bartek, age 10, attentively observes the colorful changing pictures. It helps improving his speaking abilities. Syllables finally start to form words which makes Bartek very happy as now his friends can understand him.

All the foster children have lots of fun on the light-and-sound track.