Szczecin Pomerania Club Brochure

Who are we? What do we do?

Rotary Club Szczecin Pomerania was founded in 2002 as an international club. This means that the official language of the club is English and therefore the members are not only local inhabitants of Szczecin but also foreigners residing in or visiting Szczecin. Until now 7 nationalities have been represented in the Club.

The Rotary motto ?Service Above Self? conveys the humanitarian spirit of the organization. The main goal of our Club is to organize help and support for the local community through charity projects.

Charity Projects

The principal activities of the Club have been:

? Support for child care centers, including dental help
? Distribution of 120 new wheelchairs from USA to the handicapped
? Annual anti-flu vaccination program for 450 children from various child care centers
? Renovation of bathrooms at the Szczecin School for Autistic Children
? Purchase of a specialist transport incubator for the Intensive Care Dept. of the Hospital in Szczecin Zdroje
? Purchase of an open-type incubator and diode lamp for newborns phototherapy for the Hospital in GoleniĆ³w
? Purchase of 2 cardio-monitors and a trolley for the Children?s Hospital in Szczecin
? Purchase of endoscopic equipment and an incubator for the Military Hospital
? Purchase of lifting equipment for the Center for Handicapped Children in Police
? Distribution of hospital equipment (beds, wheelchairs, endoscopic equipment) gained thanks to the German Rotarians
? Distribution of baby clothes to family help centers and a hospice
? Support of the youth exchange program between Szczecin and Luebeck

Funding of Projects

Financial resources needed to reach our charity goals are obtained through the organization of various charity events, the two main ones being the Annual International Golf Tournament in Binowo in June and the Annual Concert ?Talents of Szczecin? in November.

These events can only be successful with the support of our sponsors, the participation of the public and the work of our active members. We owe you all a heartfelt Thank You.